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RM Garage provides classic car consulting and valuation in the Jacksonville area by appointment only in order to ensure reliable, in-depth inspections and accurate reporting. Collectors and enthusiasts, as well as legal and insurance professionals, trust RM Garage to assess all types of classic, antique and high-performance cars. We know each car is as unique as its owner, so we allow ample time to provide the right insight for repairs, restoration or valuation for legal or insurance matters.

Our tip-to-tail inspection process brings over 50 years of classic car knowledge – and the technical experience to back it up. From traditional inspection points to the sounds and smells that could indicate underlying problems, we’ll provide you an accurate report that puts safety and reliability at the forefront. We help you make decisions that increase your car’s reliability and preserve its history and value. RM Garage is trusted by lifelong customers who know they can rely on our integrity, even if the cost of a specialized modernization or repair is unknown. After inspection, RM Garage will provide weekly communication regarding your repair, restoration or modernization, even if there’s no update to report. We simply provide classic service for classic cars that is founded on classic values.

RM Garage Provides Classic Car Consultations and Appraisals For:

Pre-purchase Inspection – RM Garage will provide a full report on the shape and condition of the vehicle, its special features, defects and flaws. We help you determine if a purchase is worth the asking price and provide critical appraisals for insurance purposes.

Classic Car Consignment – RM Garage will sell your car for you for a fee if you choose not to do it yourself. We have the connections to those that share your passion for the classics – and the details that make them special.

Procurement and Purchasing – Know what you want, but just don’t know where to start looking? We’ll find that classic, antique or muscle car you’ve been wanting, educate you on what to look for, and put the right buyers and sellers together.

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