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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will it cost?

Cost is dependent on many factors, the biggest being the current condition of your classic car. the nature of classic car restoration iis different for each and every car. We recommend starting with an in person visit to the shop. (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please see appointment page LINK)

I have a project; can you provide me a quote?

RM Garage does do not offer quotes. All classic cars are unique and all have their own unique attributes. It is impossible to offer an accurate quote on your classic car, therefore we decline to do it. Anyone who does provide one is doing so inaccurately.

I have a project; can you provide me an estimate?

RM Garage can provide you with an estimate. We have completed many similar projects and have a great level of experience in project planning. We can help any owner estimate the needs of their classic car or project. If you would like an estimate, the first step is to make an appointment for a Full Classic Inspection (FCI).

Can you come to my house to inspect my project for me?

In extreme circumstances the best course of action is to review photos and possible video chat to help determine the condition of your vehicle. Unfortunately, no we cannot come to your location to inspect your car. Our tools and insurance are only effective at our location.

Do you do paint and body work?

Not at this time, we can provide some recommendations.

Do you do rust repair?

No, not at this time.

Should I make my car drivable first or should I paint it first?

We always recommend function over appearance. It must be a CAR first to be a classic car. Getting your car to drive and road test first will allow you to make any touch ups or repairs before the car is paint. We can assist you in getting your classic car in driving shape before you find your paint shop.

How long will it take?

Giving exact time is something we do not do. It is our commitment to be completely honest and upfront to all of our customers. The time a project can take is based on many factors, some of which are outside of our control. Most importantly is getting parts for your project, often times this can take the most time. Any customer will be updated regularly on the status of their project. We can assure you, if your vehicle is here, it is because we are working on it or procuring materials. We only accept cars into the shop that we are actively working on.

I just bought my classic, what do you recommend?

Congratulations on your new classic or muscle car! We recommend a Full Classic Inspection to get started. Our experience techs will test every feature of your car, road test the vehicle, rack and inspect all systems on the car. After RM Garage has completed this inspection you will receive a full tip-to-tail health report that will detail and help you determine the needs of your classic car.

What is an FCI (Full Classic Inspection)?

A Full Classic Inspection includes a total front to back evaluation of your car. This includes a functional check of all systems, mechanicals, fluids, and a visual inspection by a highly experience classic car technician. The purpose of this inspection is to give the owner the full picture the vehicles current condition. This is a great starting point for a new owner or a project vehicle!

How are payments done?

Generally, with our classic and project cars we ask the customer for a deposit of the parts up front so that we may acquire all those materials as soon as possible. This can be the greatest time savings in the project. If for some reason the project has little or no parts value, we ask for a deposit of 50% at the time we start work.

Once your project is started you will be updated weekly. As updates roll in, you will be invited to visit and see the progress in person. As the work is completed you will be asked to make your balance current with the amount of work already completed every two weeks.

Where will my car be stored? Is it inside and safe?

RM garage only accepts vehicles we are currently working on. If we do not have space or time to take your vehicle, you may be asked to wait while we complete another. This is in an effort to not collect a parking lot full of cars. Any car in our possession will be stored in doors every night.

Classic cars are stored inside the shop under lock, key, camera, and insurance. In addition, we do our best to keep your car out of rain, sunlight, and any other unfavorable condition. It is our commitment that your vehicle will be in better shape when it leaves, than when you dropped it off.

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