Maintenance Services

Ignition Tune-ups & Timing

Ignition timing is the most critical factor in your car’s performance.  If your classic lacks power, backfires or is hard to start, it is likely you need a timing adjustment and ignition tune-up.  RM Garage will set your timing properly, provide your classic with an expert tune-up, and get you back to running smoothly.

Carburetor Repairs

Carburetors can be the source of great heartache, or joy.  If you have an aging, out-of-tune, leaking carburetor, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy your classic or hot rod.  RM Garage has extensive experience in rebuilding and tuning a wide variety of carburetors and will quickly cure your carburetor blues.

Brake Service & Brake Conversions

RM Garage can rebuild or replace any factory brake system. Or, you may choose to upgrade to a modern brake system.  Disc brake conversions are a great way to add performance, style and safety to your classic or muscle car.

Engine Change or Rebuilds

Whether you need a fresh rebuild on your stock engine or you’re looking for a full engine conversion, RM Garage can handle it. You may even choose to modernize your engine with fuel injection.  Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Steering & Suspension Services

We offer full steering and suspension services for classic and muscle cars.  Whether its stock or performance aftermarket suspension, RM Garage will set it up so you can go out and carve the road.

Inspection & Trouble Shooting

If your classic, muscle car or hot rod just isn’t living up to your expectations, RM Garage will find the cause.  We offer full inspection and troubleshooting of your classic car’s critical systems.  Let us chase out that noise or pesky gremlin, and get you back to enjoying the road.

Wiring Service and Electronics

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